STAMPER has an internal technical office for the development of new made-to-measure moulds and of moulds in accordance with the customer’s drawing. This department carries out also modifications on already existing moulds. Experienced internal engineers carry out accurate projects keeping in mind the customer’s specific requirements and try to offer the most suitable and efficient solution. The STAMPER engineering department develops metal sheet prototypes for trimming, pressing, pitch and transfer moulds.


Tooling Department

STAMPER produces high precision trimming and cold pressing, bending and pitch moulds. It uses NC milling machines and wire and sinker EDM. The internal state-of-the-art tooling department guarantees maximum accuracy both during production and maintenance, timely deliveries and the possibility of replacing or repairing the various components of a mould immediately.


The production department has 30-ton to 500-ton excentric presses and 50-ton to 640-ton hydraulic presses which make it possible to use two moulds at the same time. STAMPER is able to produce stainless steel parts with a maximum thickness of 6 millimetres and high precision moulds for all types of sheet metal.



Along with the moulding process, STAMPER offers its customers other services in order to be more complete and efficient: welding, galvanizing and painting STAMPER is able to manage all production phases and this makes it a unique, qualified supplier able to meet all possible requirements and to guarantee top quality services, high precision, timely delivery and the best quality/price ratio.

Quality Control

STAMPER constantly controls and checks all production phases of prototypes, metal sheet moulds and final product processing. It has an internal test room which makes it possible to monitor all operations constantly and to guarantee accurate production, time saving in the case of modifications and repair work and the full observance of all customer’s specific requirements.


On the customer’s request STAMPER also carries out the assembly of mechanisms and components and packages raw or pre-assembled pieces. The internal management of this work makes it possible for the company to reduce additional costs connected with third suppliers and to guarantee complete, top quality services in a very short time at very competitive prices.


STAMPER has a warehouse and material management area larger than 2000 square meters and is therefore able to meet all customer requirements efficiently, accurately, timely and in accordance with the deadlines, including very urgent and large orders. The existing synchronized communication and management system makes it possible to exchange information with customers and to optimize production times and meet all customer requirements.